Car Maintenance

At Gardner Complete Automotive Service & Body Shop, we understand how much of an investment your car is and the importance of keeping it in top condition. Our car maintenance shop staffs highly trained service technicians that possess the expertise to repair your car quickly to get you back on the road.

One of the many services we provide is our brake repair service. The speed of a brake wearing down depends entirely on the type of driver, but replacing your brakes in time is crucial because if left unchecked, they can suffer from extreme wearing. This will then result in more expensive repair costs and even worse, can put you and your passengers at risk of serious injuries.

Our shop also offers an oil change service to maintain your vehicle’s mechanical excellence. We even provide a car alignments service to make sure your tires and rims are aligned properly to avoid any hazardous mishaps. Through excellent customer service, competitive pricing and quality workmanship, we have worked our way to the top as the best auto body shop in Corpus Christi, TX.

Whether you need transmission repair or an auto tune up, give us a call.